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Vacuum Gate Valves

Huntington Mechanical Labs is pleased to present our selection of Gate Valves, in both Manual & Pneumatic operation. Standard sizes range from 5/8″ to 6″ with other sizes and/or options available for quote.

Please give us a call at 800-227-8059 or use our handy online


NOTES: Pneumatic versions available with No Solenoid, or a choice of 12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC or 240VAC Solenoids. Both CF and ISO flanged models available with rubber seals, CF flanged models are also available with copper seals for higher Torr rating or use in challenging environments. (CF = Conflat Style, KF or ISO = DIN Style)

Vacuum Gate Valve Chart

Copper Seal Model Viton® Seal Model
5/8″ 1-1/3″ CF Manual GVA-062-C GVA-062-V
Pneumatic GVAP-062-C GVAP-062-V
KF 16 Manual GVA-062-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-062-V-SF
1-1/2″ 2-3/4″ CF Manual GVA-150-C GVA-150-V
Pneumatic GVAP-150-C GVAP-150-V
KF 40 Manual GVA-150-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-150-V-SF
2″ 3-3/8″ CF Manual GVA-200-C GVA-200-V
Pneumatic GVAP-200-C GVAP-200-V
KF 50 Manual GVA-200-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-200-V-SF
2-1/2″ 4-1/2″ CF Manual GVA-250-C GVA-250-V
Pneumatic GVAP-250-C GVAP-250-V
ISO 63 Manual GVA-250-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-250-V-SF
3″ 4-5/8″ CF Manual GVA-300-C GVA-300-V
Pneumatic GVAP-300-C GVAP-300-V
ISO 80 Manual GVA-300-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-300-V-SF
4″ 6″ CF Manual GVA-400-C GVA-400-V
Pneumatic GVAP-400-C GVAP-400-V
ISO 100 Manual GVA-400-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-400-V-SF
6″ 8″ CF Manual GVA-600-C GVA-600-V
Pneumatic GVAP-600-C GVAP-600-V
ISO 160 Manual GVA-600-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-600-V-SF