Specials and Custom Orders

One-of-a-kind and Custom Projects are our specialty. Although we manufacture and stock thousands of standard parts and accessories, almost 40% of our work is this type. Getting started on your next custom project is as easy as 1….2….3….

Sketch on a napkin or your CAD file

Got a sketch on the back of a napkin? No problem! Our engineers are experienced listeners and can help your concept, desire or wish list come to fruition. We can also take one of your basic designs and modify accordingly to suit your project.

Concept to Engineering

Once the basic design and layout is determined, our engineers will use the latest CAD/CAM software to build your project virtually and prepare for your approval. From standard 2D drawings to fully-rendered 3D models we’ll provide whatever information you need to make the most informed decision possible. Once the design is proofed, we convert the design to CAM for use in CNC machinery.

Manufacturing your project

With detailed specifications in hand our highly-skilled technicians will cut, turn, mill, weld and assemble your project. All jobs go through a rigorous Quality Assurance inspection to confirm your specs are achieved. All jobs are properly crated and shipped to you!


Engineering & Design

At Huntington many of our engineers have decades of experience in vacuum design. We have developed our product lines from years of input from customers, often working hand in hand with OEMs to overcome real-world challenges. We hold dozens of relevant patents, such as our unique high integrity vacuum valves. When you describe your need to us, there’s a good chance we already have a part or can modify an existing part, saving you time and money.

We have taken many sketches from the “back of a napkin” and turned them into reality for many satisfied customers and we’re confident we can help with your ideas too.

Whether a simple Bell Jar Chamber or large OEM chamber, to complete “turn-key” solutions Huntington can manage your application. Utilize our expertise next time you require a customized product.

High Value Computer Modelling

Utilizing the latest in CAD/CAM software packages our designers can create Solid Models, Photorealistic Renderings, Rendered Animations as well as the standard 2D Drawings. Each design goes through a rigorous vetting process and is tightly integrated with Quoting, Process Determination and Quality Control systems. We sometimes start with a design drawn on the back of a napkin but that will quickly turn into a qualified and documented design ready to present for project approval.

Stress and Temperature Analysis

Huntington Labs realizes it’s often out of budget for small to medium entities to afford in-house analysis systems for their designs prior to sending out for quote. That’s where our engineers can help, performing stress and temperature analysis on a design to confirm real world specifications. Crucial to a complicated or non-standard design this process adds value by proving basic assumptions and specifications prior to sending to manufacturing, avoiding costly errors in time and materials.

CNC Machining Capability

CNC Machining Centers, the industry standard, are in extensive use by Huntington. For custom, one-off or outsized projects we maintain modern manual equipment and highly skilled machinists to fill the gap not serviced by mass production cycles. This allows us to deliver custom projects on time and within budget, and is tightly integrated with quality control systems from start to finish.

For Custom / Special Orders and Services

Start by contacting our Customer Service to request a consultation or quote from a member of our technical support staff by calling 800-227-8059. For 24/7 assistance use our contact form, HERE

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Huntington Labs expertise with Custom Vacuum Chambers featuring a chamber for Kinestral