Our Company

Huntington Vacuum Products is an OEM manufacturer of metal components located in California, USA. Our primary focus is in the field of high and ultra-high vacuum apparatus for the research and development disciplines as well as semiconductor, aerospace and other practical applications. Huntington’s product line includes industry standard devices and components as well as custom machined products and contract manufacturing.

A View of the Grass Valley Manufacturing Plant

Our plant in Grass Valley, CA.

Our products are used all over the world in college and university labs for high-tech research, by OEM’s for product development and by government entities for testing of extreme environments on devices whether Earth bound or in outer space. Innovative design, reliability, customer driven features and competitive prices have earned our vacuum products a reputation for being “better built”.


Our History

Founded in 1969 and originally located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Huntington Mechanical Labs began designing and manufacturing high and ultra-high vacuum components and systems for research laboratories. Driven by demand created by rapid growth in semiconductor and other industrial vacuum applications, Huntington quickly became a leading supplier of standard vacuum components while maintaining expert status in custom component fabrication.

Vision for the Future

Huntington’s ongoing commitment to innovation and improved design allows us to offer one of the industry’s largest selections of chambers, valves, motion devices and accessories. Huntington strives to deliver vacuum integrity and suitable life cycle expectancy in every product we make, and to consistently meet or exceed the highest industry standards.

Huntington Mechanical Labs has joined with Global Precision Manufacturing and is now known as Huntington Vacuum Products



“We appreciate all the hard work you have done for us especially on the rush orders. We promise to give you more time on the next ones!”
Jonathan C.

“Thanks so much for fixing my issue so quickly, I would just like to say that your company has provided such amazing support to date it has really blown me away (it is very rare in business today).
-Huntington Customer

“Pretty impressed with the customer service from HML. I have rarely seen such after purchase. They found the information I needed and sent me an explanation on how to fix it. I am glad I made this purchase. If you are looking for great high vacuum products and great after purchase service , you have found the people right here.”
Georgia N.

Our Expertise

The fabrication of vacuum chambers and related components is one of Huntington’s core competencies.

Over the years we have produced ultra-high vacuum chambers, motion devices and basic system components of all sizes and shapes. From simple to complex we have produced products for system manufacturers and scientists doing research in Surface Analysis, Plasma Etch, Lithography, Sputtering Applications, Fusion and more. Huntington products can be found in the semiconductor manufacturing industry as well as R & D labs around the world, and even to the Moon and back!



Huntington still believes in the value of quality products. Like so many in the industry we utilize the latest in CAD/CAM design and CNC machines for repeatable and accurate volume parts and assemblies. However, where we take the most pride, is in our skilled craftsmen and dedicated technicians to provide the highest quality custom components to our customers. With ongoing improvements in processes and procedures, updated training of technicians to improve quality and flow, to an eye on the environment and the footprint we leave behind – We’re Huntington!


Innovative Design

Huntington’s expertise in the design and manufacture of dynamic products, as attested to by multiple foreign and domestic patents, is one our greatest strengths. Our vacuum valves, manipulators and motion feedthroughs offer unique benefits of higher torque, smaller footprint, greater load capabilities and extended cycle life. Constant improvement in design and materials is a hallmark of Huntington Mechanical Labs.


Our Capabilities

“From simple to complex we have produced products for system manufacturers and scientists doing research in Surface Analysis, Plasma Etch, Lithography, Sputtering Applications, Fusion and more.”

Our Facility includes…

  • State of the Art Machinery
  • Ample Manufacturing Capacity
  • Experienced Manufacturing Personnel
  • Certified Standards include ISO-9001:2015 and AS9100D (Aerospace)

Our ISO9001/AS9100D

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Our Standard Product Line Includes a Broad Spectrum of UHV Products as well as Contract Manufacturing for Aerospace and Technological Innovation

Custom Vacuum Chambers and Accessories

Includes: Custom Design from Your Specifications up to 8′ x 8′ x 8′, Standard Stainless Steel Bell Jar Style, Complete Turn-Key Systems, Pumps & Thermal Solutions.

Motion Feedthroughs

Includes: Devices for Rotary Motion, Linear Motion, Dual Rotary-Linear Motion, Angular Motion (Wobblestick), Magnetically-Coupled Transporters and Direct Drive. Drive Types in Manual, Motorized and Pneumatic Operation.

Liquid, Gas and Power Feedthroughs

Includes: CF (Conflat) and ISO Style Flanged Feedthroughs in Multiple Styles for most Applications.

Manipulators and Stages

Includes: Full Rotary (360°) Stage, Tilt Stage & Gimbal, Single-Axis (Z) Manipulators & Multi-Axis Manipulators (X-Y & X-Y-Z).

Gate, Butterfly & Inline Vacuum Valves

Includes: Manual and Pneumatic Operation Gate, Inline, Angle, Butterfly Valves and Manual All-Metal Bakeable Valves.

Viewports and Glass Adapters

Includes: Glass, Sapphire & Fused Silica Viewports, Viewport Shutters, Viewport Weld Stubs, Access Doors & Glass-to-Metal Adapters.

Flanges, Fittings & Hybrid Adapters

Includes: CF (Conflat) and ISO Style Flanges, Fittings for Vacuum Chambers (Straight, Elbow, Cross, etc.) & Adapters for dissimilar connections.

Roughing & Support Products for Vacuum

Includes: Replacement Bellows, Traps, Flexible Hoses, Sealants & Greases, Heat Tapes & Vacuum Controllers

We partner with our customers to provide standard and custom engineered solutions for all high vacuum and aerospace applications.