VAC-U-FLANGE® Flanges (CF)

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Available in solid (non-rotatable) and multi-piece (rotatable) styles, as well as double-sided and zero-length adapter versions. Typically used in ultra-high vacuum applications, VAC-U-FLANGE® flanges are designed to conform to industry standard knife edge seal style flanges and are compatible with MDC , Conflat® and flanges from other manufacturers. Huntington flanges meet or exceed industry standards for form, fit & function.

275 Series Flanges

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275 Series, 2.75″ OD, VAC-U-FLANGE® Flanges

Nom OD
Bolt Circle
Set Back
Blank Wht.
Bored Wht.
# of Bolt
Holes (dia.)
2-3/4″ 2.75″ 2.31″ 0.50″ .209″ 1.0 0.75 6 0.27″ 1/4-28

Configuration Chart

Description Tube Size Part Number Description Tube Size Part Number
Flange, Blank 275-000 Rotatable Flange, Blank 275-000-R
Flange, Bored 1/4″ 275-025 Rotatable Flange, Bored 1/4″ 275-025-R
Flange, Bored 1/2″ 275-050 Rotatable Flange, Bored 1/2″ 275-050-R
Flange, Bored 3/4″ 275-075 Rotatable Flange, Bored 3/4″ 275-075-R
Flange, Bored 1″ 275-100 Rotatable Flange, Bored 1″ 275-100-R
Flange, Bored 1-1/4″ 275-125 Rotatable Flange, Bored 1-1/4″ 275-125-R
Flange, Bored 1-1/2″ 275-150 Rotatable Flange, Bored 1-1/2″ 275-150-R
Flange, Blank, Tapped 275-000-T Rotatable Flange, Blank, Tapped 275-000-RT
Flange, Bored, Tapped 1/4″ 275-025-T Rotatable Flange, Bored, Tapped 1/4″ 275-025-RT
Flange, Bored, Tapped 1/2″ 275-050-T Rotatable Flange, Bored, Tapped 1/2″ 275-050-RT
Flange, Bored, Tapped 3/4″ 275-075-T Rotatable Flange, Bored, Tapped 3/4″ 275-075-RT
Flange, Bored, Tapped 1″ 275-100-T Rotatable Flange, Bored, Tapped 1″ 275-100-RT
Flange, Bored, Tapped 1-1/4″ 275-125-T Rotatable Flange, Bored, Tapped 1-1/4″ 275-125-RT
Flange, Bored, Tapped 1-1/2″ 275-150-T Rotatable Flange, Bored, Tapped 1-1/2″ 275-150-RT