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We’re working hard at presenting a new website loaded with all the latest technology to enable a more graphic representation of our products and an easier ordering experience. This new site is mobile device friendly that features an auto-resizing function for small screen devices to make your experience easier while still accommodating large screen devices like workstations and full-size laptops.

For mobile device and touch-screen users all pages are accessible through touch links rather than the inaccessible drop-menu system. There is also a mobile menu that appears only on small screen devices to aid navigation giving the user multiple methods to traverse the site.

Workstation PC users haven’t been forgotten as we have retained a drop menu system just for you. Touch centric devices may be the wave of the future but we are well aware that most of the business world still revolves around the PC and to a lesser extent, Mac and Linux. For those who still “need to get work done” the mouse and keyboard are your input devices of choice and will be so for some time to come.

I consider this website to always be a work-in-progress as we endeavor to keep it fresh, up-to-date and relevant in today’s global economy.

Thanks for your interest,
Michael and crew

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