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Huntington is pleased to offer Digital Readout Vacuum Controllers for Thermocouple Tubes. After retiring our analog gauge controller we are now partnering with DigiVac®, a leading manufacturer of digital vacuum controllers. Two models are featured but there are many more to choose from.

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Vacuum Controller with Thermocouple Gauge Tube, Digital

Description Part
Value Controller

The DIGIVAC Model 200 is the industry’s best value for a rugged digital vacuum controller & gauge for measuring through 6 decades of wide range rough vacuum with precise accuracy. Features a self-contained case and is NOT panel mountable.

Plus Controller

The Model 215V is a vacuum gauge controller plus sensor complete in one kit. It is an evolution of the Model 200, offering more accuracy, better ease of use, and more immunity to electrical noise giving more dependable and repeatable readings. This model can be panel mounted or used stand alone.

Model 215V
Model 200 Features Model 215V Features
The gauge controller is housed in a laboratory grade case consisting of vinyl clad metal on an extruded aluminum base insuring maximum durability.
This kit comes with everything to measure vacuum: Display controller, cables, power and 531 thermocouple sensor.
Every Model 200 Vacuum Controller is pre-tested under actual vacuum against a NIST-standard.
Highly impact-resistant because of no moving parts requiring infrequent calibration.
Applications: laboratory, coating, metalizing, distillation, refrigeration.
Comes pre-calibrated against a NIST standard with an Agilent 531 thermocouple sensor.
2 control relays (set-points), type C rated at 7A and 250V.
5V analog output and RS232 vacuum indication which enables integration to a wide variety of systems.
Includes fail-safe controls that automatically default to atmospheric pressure if power or gauge failure occurs.
CE compliant when sensor upgraded to Agilent 536.