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Huntington Mechanical Labs is pleased to present our updated selection of Gate Valves, in both Manual & Pneumatic operation. Standard sizes range from 5/8″ to 6″ with other sizes and/or options available for quote.

With a modular design, robust construction and smooth operation Huntington valves blow the competition away. When you need top-notch quality and support after the sale call Huntington!

Other sizes than those listed below are available! Please give us a call @ 800-227-8059 or use our online


High Vacuum Gate Valves, Manual & Pneumatic

(CF = Conflat Style, KF or ISO = DIN Style)
Valve Size Flange Size Actuation Type Copper Seal Model Viton® Seal Model
5/8″ 1-1/3″ CF Manual GVA-062-C GVA-062-V
Pneumatic GVAP-062-C GVAP-062-V
KF 16 Manual GVA-062-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-062-V-SF
1-1/2″ 2-3/4″ CF Manual GVA-150-C GVA-150-V
Pneumatic GVAP-150-C GVAP-150-V
KF 40 Manual GVA-150-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-150-V-SF
2″ 3-3/8″ CF Manual GVA-200-C GVA-200-V
Pneumatic GVAP-200-C GVAP-200-V
KF 50 Manual GVA-200-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-200-V-SF
2-1/2″ 4-1/2″ CF Manual GVA-250-C GVA-250-V
Pneumatic GVAP-250-C GVAP-250-V
ISO 63 Manual GVA-250-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-250-V-SF
3″ 4-5/8″ CF Manual GVA-300-C GVA-300-V
Pneumatic GVAP-300-C GVAP-300-V
ISO 80 Manual GVA-300-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-300-V-SF
4″ 6″ CF Manual GVA-400-C GVA-400-V
Pneumatic GVAP-400-C GVAP-400-V
ISO 100 Manual GVA-400-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-400-V-SF
6″ 8″ CF Manual GVA-600-C GVA-600-V
Pneumatic GVAP-600-C GVAP-600-V
ISO 160 Manual GVA-600-V-SF
Pneumatic GVAP-600-V-SF
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