Seal & Gasket Kits for Valves

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Angle Valve Gasket Kits (Manual & Pneumatic)

Valve Size Valve Type Fits Valve Models Part Number
1/2″ Pneumatic Fits: PV-053, PV-050 and PV-050-SF Models PV-050-G
3/4″ Manual Fits: EV-073, EV-075-SF and EV-075 Models EV-075-G
Pneumatic Fits: PV-073, PV-075 and PV-075-SF Models PV-075-G
1-1/2″ Manual Fits: EV-153, EV-150 and EV-150-SF Models EV-150-G
Pneumatic Fits: PV-153, PV-150 and PV-150-SF Models PV-150-G

Butterfly Valve Gasket Kits (Manual & Pneumatic)

Valve Size Fits Valve Models Part Number
3/4″ Fits: BF-075, BF-075-SF and PBF-075 Models BF-075-G
1″ Fits: BF-100, BF-100-SF and PBF-100 Models BF-100-G
1-1/2″ Fits: BF-150, BF-150-SF and PBF-150 Models BF-150-G
2″ Fits: BF-200, BF-200-SF and PBF-200 Models BF-200-G
2-1/2″ Fits: BF-250, BF-250-SF and PBF-250 Models BF-250-G
4″ Fits: BF-400, BF-400-SF and PBF-400 Models BF-400-G

Replacement Gasket Kits, Bakeable Valve

Valve Size Valve Models Part Number
3/4″ Fits Model EV-075-HT EV-075-HT-G
1-1/2″ Fits Model EV-150-HT EV-150-HT-G