Rotary-Linear Feedthrough, Compact Design

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The patented design of the VF-187 Series provides the highest torque in the smallest envelope of any UHV-compatible rotary-linear feedthrough. The Vernier design provides excellent resolution in both the rotary and linear movements. Designed specifically for use in STM (Scanning Tunnel Microscopes), this versatile positioning device is suitable for a wide variety of applications while providing long life, high accuracy and smooth operation.

Manual Rotary-Linear Feedthrough, Compact Style

Flange Size Linear Travel Part Number
1-1/3″ VAC-U-FLANGE® 1.20 (30.0) VF-187
2-3/4″ VAC-U-FLANGE® VF-187-A
KF 16 (ISO-KF) VF-187-SF


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