Infrared Bakeout Controller & Lamps

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By extending the infrared lamp into the chamber, the stainless steel walls absorb the heat produced by light in the infrared range. The whole chamber including any parts hanging inside is heated by direct or reflected infrared rays. The low thermal conductivity of stainless steel which is a handicap when baking out externally is an advantage with internal IR bakeout since it retards outward heat diffusion. This technique yields a faster, more uniform and convenient bakeout of the vacuum chamber.

IR Controller & Lamps

Description Part Number
COMPLETE SET:     Includes IR Controller w/2 Lamp Assemblies (bulbs & flanges) OUT OF STOCK
CONTROLLER & LAMP:     Includes IR Controller and one (1) Lamp Assembly (bulb & flange) OUT OF STOCK
CONTROLLER ONLY:     IR Controller Only (no bulb assemblies) OUT OF STOCK
LAMP ASSEMBLY ONLY:     Consists of one (1) Bulb/Flange/Cord assembly IR-120
BULB ONLY:     Consists of one (1) IR Bulb, no assembly IR-124

Controller Specifications

Input Power: 110 VAC, 50-60- Hz. | Maximum Output: 3600 Watts (120 VAC/15 amps) | Maximum Output at Plug: 1800 Watts | Power Control Knob: 1-100% | Power Switch: On/Off | Timer: Digital 00:00 to 99:59 | Timer Switch: On/Off | Lamp Connect Plugs: 2 | Controller Dimensions: 11″ W x 9″ D x 5″ H

Lamp Specifications

Lamp Output: 1200 Watts | Maximum Lamp Diameter: 1″ | Lamp Construction: Halogen/Nitrogen in Quartz | Lamp Length: 210 mm (Bulb Only) | Bulb Only Diameter: .375″ | Lamp Assembly Length: 264-320 mm (Flange to Tip) | Standard Mounting: 2-3/4″ VAC-U-FLANGE® | Connection Cord Length: 7.5 feet (US) | Average Life Expectancy: + 5,000 hours

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