High Vacuum Sealants

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Loctite® Epoxi-Patch® Leak Sealant Kit

Description Size Part
Loctite® Epoxi-Patch® Kit 4 OZ.
VS-101 Resin Sealant for Vacuum Products
Huntington offers a low-vapor-pressure resin sealant for sealing leaks in any type of vacuum system. Useful to 1 x 10-9 Torr, this sealant hardens at room temperature in one to two hours, forming a strong bond with glass, metal, or ceramic. Tests for leakage can be made immediately after application. Once the material is cured or hardened, it is reliable for long-term use since it contains no solvents that will evaporate. It is packaged in separate tubes of base and hardener. The maximum bakeout temperature for this material is 125° C.


Celvaseal® Leak Sealant

Description Size Part
Celvaseal® Leak Sealant 3 OZ.
VS-302-B Celvaseal Sealant
Celvaseal is a silicone resin used primarily for sealing leaks in ultra-high vacuum systems. At 50 degrees Celsius the weight loss after 175 hours in vacuum is only 0.000005 grams/cm2 compared to 0.01 grams/cm2 for epoxy compounds. Residual gas analysis indicates no evidence of hydrocarbons or other contamination arising from Celvaseal used on systems capable of ultimate pressures of 1×10-12 Torr. Celvaseal can withstand repeated temperature cycling from -200°C to 450°C over long intervals of time. Available in both 6 oz. aerosol cans and 2 oz. brush-on bottles, Celvaseal will seal leaks as large as 2 micron liters per seconds. Celvaseal is also useful as a cement for sealing all kinds of optical windows and brewster windows for lasers. Due to shelf life limitations the 6 oz. areosol cans are available by special order, please use our QUOTE FORM here.