Angle Valves, High Temperature

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Bakeable All-Metal Valve, Right Angle

Open Closed Part
1-1/3″ 0.75 1.50 4.14 3.76 EV-075-HT EV-150-HT All-Metal Bakeable Valve
2-3/4″ 1.50 2.46 4.88 4.13 EV-150-HT
Sealing Material: OFE® Copper bonnet/poppet
Bakeout Temp: 450° C
Torque to Seal: See USER MANUAL, below
Working Pressure Range:
Atmosphere to 1 x 10-11 Torr-L/sec. He.
Material Exposed to Vacuum:
Stainless Steel, OFE® Copper


Looking for replacement seals or gaskets? You can find them HERE

Huntington’s EV-HT Series Provides a High Integrity Copper Seal Even After Bakeout

A reliable seal is guaranteed with Huntington’s cutting edge design for all metal bakeable valves. EV-HT series valves combine a high purity copper gasket and proprietary knife edge profile to provide a more versatile and longer lasting seal. EV-HT copper gaskets can be easily replaced with nothing more than a screwdriver once the valve is removed from service. The robust all-metal construction includes stainless steel bellows, thick wall body and TIG welded connections for a long service life. The 5/8″ hex nut attached to our anti-seize lead screw easily applies the sealing force needed with the help of a torque wrench.

Entire Unit Bakeable

The seal integrity of Huntington’s patented all metal valves is not affected by bakeout temperatures up to 450°C. When baked, the valves must be under vacuum to prevent oxide buildup on seal surfaces. EV-HT series valves have ample cycle life but are dependent on actual process parameters. Please contact customer service for more information.